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“I have been a realtor for over 20 years and consistently a top 100 realtor in Oklahoma. Since hiring True North, my real estate business has become more efficient and streamlined. I was working crazy hours and always felt swamped with paperwork. True North has everything streamlined for compliance. Kate’s intimate knowledge of the industry has added to the confidence I have in letting True North oversee paperwork for me. She regularly communicates to both me and my clients. I can’t begin to express how greatly True North has changed my real estate business for the better.”

-Rachel R

I am so glad I finally made the decision to hire a transaction manager. It was really hard letting go of that control but I will tell you I do not regret it one bit. Kate has been a complete life saver for my business and sanity. I have more time now to spend with my clients without worrying about what paperwork I may have missed. Kate is very professional, organized and such a pleasure to work with. BEST DECISION EVER!!!


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