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After Hours Package Details:

·         Extended hours on Monday thru Friday from 5:30pm-8pm

·         Saturday availability 11am-7pm

·         Sunday 12pm-7pm

·         Cost is an additional $50/transaction.

·         Must choose EITHER All-inclusive for ALL transactions OR All-Inclusive After Hours for ALL transactions.  May change plans 2x’s in a 12-month period.

·         After hours is not available with the Audit compliance only package.

How it Works:

·         All after hours request must be initiated by email at

·         The TC on call will email or text you that request has been received within 20mins and will provide expectation of completion of request.

·         After initial request received via email communication may then via email or text/call as needed.

·         Last request for an offer to be written is 30mins prior to the end of shift.

·         Please note:  the after-hours TC may not be your assigned TC, but they WILL be a True North TC.  

·         The after-hours TC will provide your assigned TC with any services they have provided during their shift to ensure a seamless transition of information.

*Important Additional ONE-time assist!

·         If you do NOT need after-hours services on a regular basis but DO need occasional assistance with offer writing after hours you can use the after-hours service to write an offer for $20 that will be invoiced the Friday after the request.  Please note there is NO Charge for offer writing during our regular hours as this is a regular service for the Standard All-Inclusive package.

How to Sign Up:

·         If interested let me know and I will send an addendum to your current Agent Agreement which will allow you to select the After-Hours Packages.

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